Suicide Prevention Month will feature a new fundraiser

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“We know that our veterans are driven, resilient, strong, but we also know that life can be difficult,” Rainy Reaman, Suicide Prevention Coordinator said.

Suicide is a National concern that affects all Americans. This Suicide Prevention Month will look a little different this year. The VA has teamed up with a fundraiser sponsored by Volley’s for a volleyball tournament that focuses on bringing the community together, but also raises awareness.
“Our mission at the VA is to really help all veterans, not just veterans who are receiving care at the VA, but we can’t do it alone, we need the community,” Reaman said.

The community can support veteran suicide prevention by attending Volley’s sand volleyball tournament on Saturday, September 18th for an event that instills hope, reassures community members that there is support available, while hosting in a fun atmosphere.

This fundraiser event will benefit the CMU Student Veteran Association.
“The fact that we are getting the money from this event will really go to good use. the funds we collect throughout the year go and help our student veterans go to the National conference,” Brayden Gear, CMU Student Veteran Association said.

The student VA National leadership conference offers student veterans networking and employment opportunities that help in transition out of military service. Transitioning can be a difficult process, but there is help.
“When you get out you need to be looking for employment, or do your education benefits for employment, and also enrolling in the VA hospital. All three of those things provide resources and advocacy for you to achieve in your transition out of service,” Gear said.

Another veteran resource that is available 24/7 is the veterans crisis line.
“The number one most immediate resource available to all of our veterans is the veterans crisis line,” Reaman said. “Our veterans can call the veterans crisis line, text message the veterans crisis line, start an online chat with a crisis responder.”

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