Summer Road Trip: Explore Colorado’s scenic & historic byways in an Electric Vehicle

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DENVER (KDVR) — In an effort to get more eco-friendly vehicles out on our roadways this summer, Colorado has ‘electrified’ many of its scenic and historic byways.

All in all, Colorado has 26 scenic and historic byways spread out across the state.

Each route provides spectacular views for travelers.

Tourism and transportation officials are hoping many Coloradans will consider checking them out in electric vehicles this season, rather than in a gas-operated vehicle.

According to Andrew Grossman with the Colorado Tourism Office, more than 140 fast charging stations (with extras to boot) are currently in use on Colorado’s interstates and highways for electric vehicle owners.

“As we’re starting to see our energy production shift in Colorado with the transitions away from some of the coal plants we used to have. This is really the next frontier for the state in looking at how we can make the emissions from our transportation to go down and I think we’re on a fantastic track,” Grossman said.

Adding more electric vehicles to Colorado’s roadways will help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, according to officials.

In fact, Governor Jared Polis has made it a priority to have about a million electric vehicles on the state’s roads by the end of 2030.

Right now, there are 36,887 registered electric vehicles in Colorado, Grossman said.

The average electric car can travel 220 miles on a full charge.

According to Grossman, it takes roughly 20 to 30 minutes to get an 80% charge on an electric vehicle.

“So that would be about 180 miles of travel is doable on those batteries. That really is why we looked at the designation criteria for the electric byways to be a DC fast charging station for every 100 miles from the start and terminus of the byway,” Grossman said.

To get more electric vehicle drivers onto the state’s scenic and historic byways, Colorado is planning to add additional charging stations along each route.

The app ‘plugshare’ allows you to see where electric vehicle charging stations are located throughout our state.

To view a complete list of Colorado’s 26 scenic and historic byways, click here.

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