Super Guppy Lands in G.J.

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The Super Guppy touched down at the Grand Junction Regional Airport Tuesday as part of a routine transport.

This Super Guppy flew from Colorado Springs to pick up a military jet that’s in need of repair. 

The next stop for the huge plane in El Paso Texas where the jets being transported will receive the maintenance they need.

The aircraft also took part in transporting parts for the international space station and is currently transporting a heat shield for NASA’s Orion spacecraft currently being built.

“The Guppy transported all of the International Space Station hardware to the cape for it to be launched. It’s also, right now, transports the Orion Heat Shield for the Orion Capsule and then the space launch system hardware”, says Deputy Director Gregory Johnson for the Flight Operates Directive. 

The pilots tell us the Super Guppy can only be operated manually and has no auto-pilot functionality.

The aircraft weighs more than 100,000 pounds and maintains speeds of 300 miles-per-hour.

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