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Swapping Out Chalkboards For Technology

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Modern day technology is changing the way students are learning in the classrooms.

Jennifer Osborn, a second grade teacher at Lincoln Orchard Elementary has swapped out chalkboards for an educational math system called Dreambox.

It is an application on a laptop that allows students to work at their own pace, personalizing lessons to meet each student where they are at in their learning.

This allows for Mrs. Osborn to give students more time and attention to those who aren't using the application at the moment.

The students learn about multiplication and division, something Mrs. Osborn says is later learned in the third and fourth grade.

"I have first graders that are working on multiplication which is much earlier than you would typically see kids do that," said Osborn. 

The more modules students complete, the better their chances are of being rewarded of unlocking games.

Mrs. Osborn is set to have each individual student receive their own laptop to work on Dreambox for this upcoming school year.

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