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UPDATE: Wanted Parolee Not Found During SWAT Standoff

Fruita, CO - New information from the Fruita Police Department on Monday night's SWAT standoff in a Fruita neighborhood. Police tell us the home they had surrounded was the home of 29-year-old Tessa Kruckenberg, the estranged wife of wanted parolee Jixi Krukenberg. Police say they eventually entered the house and did not find anyone inside.

Here is the full news release from the Fruita Police Department:


On Monday, January 15th, at approximately 7:35 PM, Officers with the Fruita Police Department\ responded to a reported burglary-in-progress at 601 South Maple Street, Fruita, Colorado

.Officers arrived on scene quickly and setup a perimeter around the residence while awaiting backup from the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. Preliminary on-scene investigation revealed a strong possibility a subject was illegally inside the residence when police arrived. 601 South Maple Street is the listed residence of Tessa Kruckenberg, 29, estranged wife of Jixi Kruckenberg, 36. Jixi Kruckenberg is currently wanted by law enforcement on outstanding warrants for absconding from parole and other criminal offenses; Jixi is currently considered armed and dangerous.

Based on the limited information obtained, Officers could not confirm whether or not the subject believed to be in the house was Jixi Kruckenberg. Based on Mr. Kruckenberg’s criminal history and status, Officers requested the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team respond to assist.

A joint SWAT operation by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and the Grand Junction Police Department was conducted at the residence. Ultimately, the residence was searched by SWAT team members and no one was discovered inside.

The Fruita Police Department cannot confirm at this time whether or not a subject was inside the residence or if this subject was Jixi Kruckenberg.


From earlier:

A massive police presence late Monday in Fruita as SWAT officers surrounded a home on S. Maple Street.

Officers were on scene from CSP, Grand Junction Police and the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. Police had several roads in the neighborhood blocked off. Police would only tell our reporters on the scene that a burglary had occurred at the home. But, NewsChannel 5 Anchor Chelsea Helms and reporter Camila Barco talked to neighbors who showed them video they had recorded in which SWAT officers were shouting over a bullhorn for Jixi Kruckenberg to surrender. A portion of one of the videos provided to NewsChannel 5 can be seen above. 

Kruckenberg, a parolee, ran away from police two weeks ago when they were trying to arrest him on outstanding warrants. At the time, police said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

As of 1 a..m Tuesday morning, police were still on the scene, but the SWAT team had left and the roadblocks were taken down. There is no word on whether anyone at the house was taken in to custody. 


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