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People at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado in Grand Junction are honoring those we paid the ultimate sacrifice any way they can. For Merlin Zimmot, that’s playing the song unique to the United States military, and what he says is the most difficult, easy tune to play. “Everybody that’s ever stepped foot on this planet has had the opportunity to do something amazing, and I find that our military personnel that have stepped-up, are some of the most amazing people I have ever met,” says Zimmot.

This bugler is playing one of the most important tunes of his life in unison with others across America at 3 pm sharp this Memorial Day in the TAPS Across America event. “TAPS to a bugler is probably the most difficult, easy tune that we ever play,” says Zimmot. “Difficult in terms of the emotion that emits, and easy in terms of, it’s within a range that most players can play quite easily.”

One couple is in the right place at the right time when remembering this special day. “TAPS to me is freedom. It reminds me of all the sacrifices that our men and women have made over the generations,” says Diana Moore. Diana is at the cemetery remembering her brother who served in Vietnam.

Another family of three, a mom and her two sons 18 years apart, are remembering her dad, their grandpa who gave to everyone. Christina Serna says, “We remember those that we lost and remember those we are still honoring.”

“All Gave Some and Some Gave All” and TAPS reminds this soldier of the time he served for his country. “I look back over my life, and I think that this is probably the most significant thing that I did,” says Vietnam Veteran Michael Reed.

Courage, purity, and perseverance are what red, white, and blue mean on the American flag, and today is a special day celebrating those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us can follow our dreams. Michael says when hearing Zimmot play TAPS, “I was very moved by that, I must say, and I really appreciated that, and I’m grateful for that.”

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