Tattoo removal trend in 2021

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Grand Junction, Colo. – The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a massive spike in the number of requests for tattoo removal. Doctors have seen many people using their stimulus money to undergo laser removal.

Panacea Laser Tattoo Removal here in Grand Junction opened in November of the pandemic, and to the clinic’s surprise – business has never been better,

“People that had older tattoos I think had a chance to slow down in their busy lives for awhile and reflect on who they really are, and got personal with themselves; and realized that some tattoos just didn’t suit them anymore,” explains Panacea’s owner, Brieanna Calendranna.

Laser removal can cost thousands of dollars and take multiple sessions. Even so, a report from Kenneth Research predicts that the global tattoo removal market could grow to upwards of 4.8 billion dollars by 2023,

“But while many people here in Mesa County want to scrub their tattoos off after the pandemic, tattoo shops here in Grand Junction would beg to differ; saying they’ve had more business than ever,” says KREX5’s Reilly Spence as she gets some ink herself.

’50 Shades of Pain’ is a local tattoo parlor in Grand Junction that can attest to an influx in business since the pandemic,

“There’s definitely been an increase,” says an artist at ’50 Shades’.

Other local tattoo shop ‘Calamity Jane’s Tattoo’ says they have been booked since reopening – thanks to people being cooped up in their homes for so long,

“Everyone was kind of stuck at home for months not really having much to do, I guess if the financial ability was there, people were ready to get out and do something,” says tattoo artist, Aaron Legore.

While it remains unknown which is more popular – getting tattoos or taking them off, both markets can agree that the pandemic played a large role in their success this year.

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