No Mask For Passengers, No Problem For Two Local Taxi Services

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Shopping at the grocery store is more challenging during COVID-19, but just getting to the store has been a battle for some all along. “I think we’d be better off if we had our own transportation, but a lot of people can’t drive so they have to depend on the taxi,” says Geraldine Manzanarez.

Julie Nelson is one of those people with a unique need to use the taxi for her essential need of transportation. “I use the taxi for grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments,” says Nelson. Geraldine uses the taxi for the exact same reasons. “When I come to the grocery store sometimes when my car’s not working, or if I need to go to the doctor.”

Both of these women use taxis for similar purposes, but both have different opinions. Geraldine says, “They’re never on time. They pick you up when they want to.” Julie feels differently when saying, “They’re quick. I use both. I use sunshine too.”

Both K2 Taxi and Sunshine Rides sanitize the cabs constantly and both services require their drivers to wear masks, but it’s only the drivers. Taxis provide the need to get you where you need to go like a local trip to the grocery store, and one woman did just that through K2 taxi service delivering milk to her disabled veteran mother, and when asked if K2 Taxi requires their passengers to wear masks she simply said, “No.” “I think it’s bad. They should, you know, we have to prevent each other from whatever’s going on, but only God can tell us what’s going to happen,” says Manzanares. Julie says, “No, they’ve never said to. This is the first day I left without my mask.”

People need transportation and if you’re riding the city bus you need your mask, but you don’t if you take a cab.

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