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TedX Grand Junction Expands Horizons

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Expanding the mindset and challenging the status quo are some things TedX Grand Junction aimed to do Saturday afternoon.

It's the talk that sparks the unimaginable, the place where great minds collide and show that anything is possible.

"It was very gratifying to be able to tell my story. It was also because I talked about my son and his death. It also was a wonderful release for me to be able to talk freely about it because I know other people are climbing their mountain," said Carol Rasmussen, TedX Speaker.

TedX Grand Junction gave locals the chance to discuss on everyday topics with a deeper perception.

"It's the freedom and the moment of the quiet while you're listening to people express their passions to expand your own mindset on the things you do everyday," said Colt Lovette, an audience member.

This year's theme? Expanded Horizons. Speakers spoke on topics that ranged from sustainability to human trafficking.

"Mr. Wachs, where he was talking about sustainable economics, I have a degree in economics, so it's something I'm passion about and so to kind of hear that really put things in terms that I understood," said audience member Trevor Nieslanik.

And some of those passions, Terry Chase, a professor at CMU, touched upon during her 30 year experience living with a spinal cord injury, --"I also hope that my story inspires others no matter what difficulty they're facing so that they can take the first step and they can go ahead and achieve the things they want in their life."

Although they all have different stories, their motivation remains the same --to inspire others by sharing their own experience.

"I walk away going 'what can I do differently or how should I absorb or how can I have those talks with friends, coworkers and other people' and I think that's how everybody walks away."

If you missed out on the event, the next TedX Grand Junction will be held in March 2019.

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