GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (KREX) — Waking up one Monday morning in April to a burning church caught neighboring residents by surprise. The teen torched a place to worship, sing and rejoice, leaving LDS church members distraught.

The next steps at the time, figuring out how to rebuild and where to relocate

Craig Stagg, with the Ground Breaking Committee, says, “the three congregations in Fruita, they’ve each been assigned to a different church building in the  grand valley and they’ll hold services as normal.”

A new Mormon temple is under construction in Grand Junction and the ceremony to unveil the new plans was on April 16th. The new 7-acre site is located on the corner of Horizon Drive and 17th street.

As for the juvenile behind the fire, she heard her sentence today in court. The juvenile was sentenced to four years and two months to a juvenile detention center.

Moving forward was the only option for the local faith that lost its church. Craig Stagg, chairman of the LDS Groundbreaking Committee says places like this, especially closer to home will hopefully bring the local community back together.

Stagg also says, “it will just be a lot more convenient, especially for those who live in Colorado, but everyone on the Western Slope.” What was once there isn’t anymore, but LDS faithful will soon have a new place to call home.