The 2022 proposed county budget increased since 2021 and revealed a new trend

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – (KREX) In preparation to finalize the 2022 County Budget by December, a proposed budget plan was presented before Mesa County Commissioners today.\

The total County Budget has increased by 23%, from the 2021 Adopted Budget.

County Administrator Peter Baier and Budget Manager Spencer Rockwell presented the 2022 Proposed Budget in todays Mesa County Administrative public hearing.

The 2022 Proposed Budget is just over $239,000 an over $44,000 or 23% increase from the 2021 budget.

The major increase comes from the American Rescue Plan grant that will now allow County Commissioners to put their many proposed projects into action. “We’ve had certain projects on our priority list, we just didn’t have the funding,” Peter Baier, Mesa County Administrator said, “Now we can move forward on those and not only that we can expand the scope such as our child education center in the Clifton area.” Baier continues, “That has been something we have been discussing previously, but now it kick started and allowed us to expand the scope larger than we would of and also that money is getting spread around the county.”

Other highlights from the 2022 Proposed Budget includes maximizing the use of federal funds, expanding access to critical services across the county and addressing key gaps in staffing.

The proposed 2022 budget also highlighted a significant change in the housing market, that has Mesa County outpacing the state and nation in assessed market values and building permits.

According to Freddie Max Housing Price Index, Mesa County is outpacing the state and nation in assessed market values and building permits.

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