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When Clint Miller graduated from Grand Junction High School back in the late 70's, like most teenagers, he had no idea what he wanted to do. Enter Enstrom Candies and a job, that so far...has lasted a long time and is still going! Just like Enstrom Candies and their founder Chester 'Chet' Enstrom...Clint has dedicated his entire adult life to working and making candy and becoming a 'Master Candy Maker' in his home town of Grand Junction. But, it wasn't always smooth sailing. Clint's almost 40 years at Enstrom got off to a rocky start, with him admitting that years ago...he probably should have been fired. But luckily for all of us he hung in there, thanks to granddaughter Jamee Enstrom Simons and the support of the family...Clint has turned into a pretty amazing employee and encyclopedia of candy knowledge! I got a chance to hang out with Clint at Enstrom's headquarters and their candy factory last week and met some amazing employees and even talked with Jamee Enstrom Simons - Chet's Granddaughter. What a I discovered was a great, world-wide   family-owned company based on a simple local philosophy... 'We're just making candy for a few of our friends." Here's a look into the sweet world of Enstrom Candies and one Clint Miller.

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