The beer industry has a large impact on Colorado

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The Beer Institute and National Wholesalers Association released a study showing the massive economic impact the beer industry has on Colorado, especially after a pandemic year. The study found that it contributes over 11.4 billion dollars to Colorado’s economy, and supplies more than 58,500 jobs.

“Two million Americans owe their livelihoods in one way or another to the production, distribution, and sale of beer, nearly 60 million Coloradans, folks right there in Grand Junction. It’s just so important,” remarks Jim McGreevy, CEO of the Beer Institute.

With COVID restrictions lifting, communities like Grand Junction are seeking out bars, restaurants, and community events more than ever. Events like JUCO and Country Jam are quickly approaching, and the city will likely see a massive spike in beer sales during those times.

“Beer is ubiquitous, and it’s something that people like to enjoy outdoor at events like festivals, music, all of the wonderful things that you guys like to do in Grand Junction, are better with a beer,” says the CEO of the National Beer Wholesalers Association, Craig Purser.

Monumental Beer Works in Grand Junction opened its doors during the pandemic, and it’s looking forward to a more normal looking Summer. “It’s exciting for our staff especially, it’s a sigh of relief,” explains owner Brian Fischer. The brewery is already seeing a spike in business compared to last year. “Everyone’s noticed, definitely, an increase in business, an increase in the comfort of guests coming out, especially with outdoor spaces. That combined with the weather getting warmer really coincided.”

While the beer industry fell flat in 2020, studies predict it will be bigger than ever this Summer. With COVID restrictions lifting, local breweries like Monumental Beer Works now have the opportunity to bring the community together again.

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