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Golden Apple Winner for November is FMHS's Danny Carlson

FRUITA, Colo. - A math teacher at Fruita Monument High School is KREX 5 News' Golden Apple winner for November, because one of his students nominated him. We caught up with Danny Carlson, who has been teaching for around nine years, to find out what makes his statistics class so special.

Even though math might be a subject many students struggle with, Carlson's students said he makes it interesting "Tie it into the real life that they're living every day and the things they're seeing, and makes them a lot more motivated to really learn about it," said Carlson, when asked about how he gets his students to engage with the subject.

The student who nominated him, Brayden Kelley, said statistics can be difficult but Carlson makes it fun. "I'm actually really bad at math, this is the first year that I've actually enjoyed it.... Just helps with everything you need and comes in for extra work, and he'll always help you get to the stage you want to be," said Kelley.

Carlson said he hopes his students leave the classroom with more than just math homework. "Math is, it is what it is to me, it's just something to teach, but I really just hope the kids are a little bit better when they leave the room, and if they learn some math too that's fantastic," said Carlson.

If you would like to nominate a teacher for our Golden Apple award, visit the Golden Apple tab and tell us exactly why they deserve to win! Every teacher gets a basket full of goodies from Homestyle Bakery and a massage from Acuity massage.

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