The Famous Big, Blue House Christmas Tradition

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Santa doesn’t need Rudolph’s red nose to find the famous big blue house in Grand Junction, and all you need is your car. “We come here every year,” said a passerby.

This tradition started 14 years ago with close to 40,000 blue lights, but now there are a whole lot more. Home owner Nicole Quintana says, “We have 596,530 lights.”

That’s not all. There are 258 reindeer, 225 trees, and 1,001 bushes and shrubs, and every single one of them is shining brightly, and so are the smiles. A fan of the house says, “One of the most beautiful Christmas decorations in the city. It really is.”

Celebrating Christmas is tradition, and the home owners of the big, blue house have inherited the tradition of showcasing this magnificent light display. “This was my uncle’s home, and he started around 2006, he started with the blue lights, and he sadly did pass away. So, he left us the house, and we wanted to continue the tradition he loved so much,” said Quintana.

There are Christmas light displays, and then again, there are displays that make the news. This famous house bathed in blue with over half a million blue lights is the talk of the town, but what most people don’t know is not everyone’s a fan. Quintana says, “Last week my husband noticed on 26 Road that the lights were down, and noticed there were 20 strands that were cut with wire cutters.”

That’s not stopping this woman from honoring her uncle and his tradition, that fills the community with joy, and hope for brighter days. “With the year that we’ve had, the hard year with everything, with Covid. It just really makes everyone feel brighter, and happier, and looking forward to a new year,” said another passerby.

The location is 26 Road and Partridge Court in Grand Junction.

The 596,000 lights come on every night from 5pm to 11pm, and every morning from 4am to 7am for the truck drivers to enjoy.

The lights will stay on until New Year’s Day, and until then, this house bathed in blue will continue to shine brightly to excite, inspire, and exemplify the true meaning of the giving spirit.

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