The Fight is On to Suppress the Mosquito Population

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Coloradans have been fighting COVID-19 by practicing precautions like staying at home for weeks, but now, mosquito larvae have been found in Mesa County and the Grand River Mosquito Control District (GRMDC) says the fight is on to combat catching West Nile virus.

The GRMDC is actively working to control the mosquito population and they’re asking the community to join the fight. The best way to fight is also the best way to safeguard yourself from the annoying bite, the itch, and the possible transmission of West Nile virus. The GRMDC says just follow the three D’s: dress, defend, and drain.

-Dress in loose fitting, light colored clothing.

-Defend your skin by applying a mosquito repellent with 10%-30% DEET to skin and clothing. You can also use picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, and R3535.

-Drain stagnant water around your property. Mosquitoes need very little water to breed in.

GRMCD District Manager, Tim Moore says, “In terms of the West Nile Virus, and in particular the mosquito that spreads that, the Culex Mosquito; they like to live in backyards. If there’s just a little bit of water in a bottle cap, or if the rain gutters hold a little bit of water, any area that can hold a little bit of water, in seven days you could have mosquitoes.”

Field technicians are actively working to combat the larvae before they turn into blood-sucking adults that can possibly transmit West Nile, but now, for the $64,000 question: Can a mosquito transmit COVID-19?

“Yeah, that’s a great question. At least for now, with the data the CDC has, they would say that it’s probably very unlikely that they could transmit that virus.”

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