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The Future of D51

As the new school year approaches, School District 51 is transitioning to a new learning model. 

Wednesday afternoon, teachers and parents got to take a personal look at the first D51 Techo Expo showcasing how modern day technology is influencing students. 

Among those students is Quinn Riddell-Brosig, a seventh grader at West Middle School who presented  his own computer and 3-D printer he built from scratch by watching YouTube.  

Seventh grader at Fruita Middle School Mollie Dare demonstrated her new app called World of Water --it allows you to decrease your water usage as a way to lower your water bill. 

"[There's] a water pipe that tracks all of your water [usage] so I was thinking of putting a water meter in there and it will send an update to your phone," explained Dare. 

The Tech Expo was also a chance to see how technology like adaptive keyboards is helping special-ed students. "We have technology that allows students who have never spoken to speak, children who have never used a computer to use an adaptive keyboard," said Curt Fischer, Assistant Technology Coordinator at D51. 

Starting this year, D51 will be providing over 9,000 Chromebooks to students and they add that they are aiming to have another Tech Expo next year in June. 

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