The grand opening of the Palisade Plunge

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — A dream to some has now become reality.

The new Palisade Plunge which connects the top of the Grand Mesa to the town of Palisade, spanning 33.8 miles is now ready for you.

Rondo Buecheler, a resident of Mesa, CO says, “this is not a ride to just bang out on Strava, to say you’ve done this ride, this is a ride that you want to do for the experience, for the views and to get in some areas pretty much inaccessible in the Grand Valley until this time.”

The new trail is estimated to generate five million dollars annually and is expected to bring in a lot of business to the Grand Valley.

Robin Brown, with Grand Junction Economic Partnership, says, “the Palisade Plunge will drive growth in our tourism industry, introduce the area to people from around the globe and be a true economic driver that will help us build a sustainable and strong economy for the many generations coming behind us.”

Organizers say two billion dollars in grants help funded the project and the collaboration from various companies was vital.

Scott Winans, with COPMOBA and a plunge partner, says, “the collaboration is absolutely key. This project would not have succeeded if even one of our key partners had really dug their heels in and not been able to corporate as they did.”

Greg Mikolai, Mayor of Palisade, says, “not only bike, but hike, and horseback riding, this is not just a biking trail, it’s a multi used trail and was envisioned as that I think right from the beginning.”

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