GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The ‘missing link’ in the monument trail loop will be completed in 2023.

The paved trail will link up the Lunch Loop trailhead and paved trail at South Camp Road completing the full 10-mile loop around Grand Junction.

This is phase two of the plan to complete the loop. Phase one was completed in 2020, linking downtown Grand Junction to the Lunch Loop trailhead.

Ken Sherbenou, the director for Grand Junction Parks and Recreation said, “the city is very committed to making sure that there are multiple ways to get around town—not only within the community and downtown area but also within the outdoor areas.”

The path ahead for phase two might seem difficult but to even get to this point was a challenge. The city applied for a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado.

“You really have to have a strong proposal to earn support and earn the grant,” said Sherbenou.

This entire trail project started back in 1987 with the Colorado Riverfront Commission. Since then, thousands of community members and scores of organizations have made this trail a priority.

“I’m just so grateful that this community has really honored and enjoyed this area so much that they have invested time, effort, energy and money into supporting this,” Libby Collins, Project Manager Colorado West Land Trust.

Besides improving the enjoyment of the outdoors phase two of this trail will also improve safety on Monument Road. Bikers will no longer have to share the 50 MPH one-lane road with motor vehicles.

“It’s definitely getting pretty dangerous on this road here. So, it’ll be good to alleviate some traffic and keep the bikers safe,” said Kendall Young who rides this trail three to four times a week.