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The New Frontier: Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp Regional Resource Development Roundtable

MONTROSE, Colo. - Industrial hemp is a crop that is revolutionizing thousands of products and how they are made. This relatively new industry has the potential to put the state of Colorado in charge of this growing market.

At the Industrial Hemp Regional Resource Development Roundtable on Thursday, September 14, around a hundred people gathered and discussed how the industrial hemp industry can grow in Montrose.

The industrial hemp market in Colorado makes up more than half of the country's domestic hemp production. "I think it's the new frontier. We're leading the nation in hemp production right now," said State Senator Don Coram.

One presenter at the meeting pitched an idea for Montrose. "Start the community up with their own processing plant, and get the farmers to grow roughly 50,000 acres within the Montrose Valley," said Kevin Hodge, the CEO of Hemp Adobe.

This is a promising idea for those who believe hemp is the future. "I think it's the hemp universe. The plant is nearly limitless, it has so many different applications. Both on the industrial side, on the medicinal side, on the food side, and it really has a lot of potential to be a revolutionary crop," said Dr. Mike Villa, who is a plant ecologist.

Those at the roundtable seemed excited about the possibility of a hemp processing facility in town. News Channel Five will keep you updated on this potential facility if it becomes a reality.


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