You’ve probably seen the front runners, running for the six year Colorado Senate seat, United States Senator Cory Gardner, and Senate Candidate, John Hickenlooper. But, have you seen the candidates running to be your next County Commissioner? Cody Davis (R) is running for District 1 County Commissioner and says, “One of my goals as commissioner is to make sure we have a strong economy.”

John Justman is currently the Mesa County Commissioner for District 1, and has been the last two terms (8 years). John says, “I was a farmer for 41 years before I became a commissioner.” John says a well-oiled machine is best for the farm, and the county is no different. He also shatters misconceptions about the Commissioner, City Council, and Mayor hierarchy. He says the mayor executes policies from city hall, and working as a city council member is just a part time job. The county commissioner can make a lot more happen, and they only answer to voters. “You can talk to the state legislators. County commissioner is a very powerful position. You run the county’s budget,” said Justman.

Cody Davis wants to operate that budget on a zero based budgeting system ,or simply budgeting for outcomes. Davis says, “I want a more transparent process in how we budget, and a more practical way in approaching it.”

New change is coming to the Old Mesa County Courthouse, and it’s not a new entrance, it’s two new commissioners. The current county commissioner says the new problems for next year won’t be a sales tax shortage, the new problem will be the same old drought. Justman says, “We had the big snow pack, I think in 2018? The River District said we needed eleven consecutive years like that to fill Lake Powell, and that was an eye opener for me. I didn’t think it would take quite that long.” Davis says, “We wanna make sure we protect it. Not only from use, but also from other entities such as Denver and California that are constantly battling for this water.”

Stay tuned for the next report also highlighting Democratic Candidate Kathryn Bedell’s race against Cody Davis for Mesa County Commissioner District 1.