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The Sounds of Christmas

The Christmas season is kicking into high gear, and an upcoming musical event is going to help people get in the holiday spirit.


For the first time ever, the Grand Valley Children’s Choir is going to perform with the Western Colorado Chorale, during the Chorale’s Christmas Carols Concert. 


"Every year we try to collaborate with other musicians, we try to bring in guest musicians, whether it be an individual or a group, and the thought came up about the Grand Valley Children’s Choir, and their excellent reputation, so this year we extended an invitation," said Eric Turner, Vice President of the Western Colorado Chorale.


The Children’s Choir is made up of 4th through 7th graders from across the valley. They have to audition to be in the choir.


The choir will perform one solo carol and three songs with the Chorale.


 "They are so excited. They don’t really know what to expect. But, they are looking forward to it. I think they will have a great time," said Maddie McBride, the Co-Director of the Grand Valley Children’s Choir.


 Perhaps the most classic moment will be when the two choirs perform Silent Night together. 


"Nothing sets the mood for Christmas better than music," said Turner.  "Having the kids come in and be a part of this will really notch up the Christmas spirit we have had in the years past. One of the songs I know very well in light of the Christmas spirit its called ‘When Children Sing, It’s Christmas’".


The concert will be held Sunday December 15th and Monday December 16th at the Love Recital Hall at CMU. Tickets for the Sunday performance are sold out, but are still available for the Monday performance.


For more information go to https://gjso.org/event/wccdec2018/


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