GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — State investigators from the Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing, Department of Human Services, and Department of Public Health and Environment are reviewing Mind Springs files and financial documents.

Janet Rowland, Mesa County Commissioner, says, “I think there are certainly problems in how programs are operated, how they’re providing services or not to people in the community, their system needs some fixing definitely.”

The Colorado Sun article reports Colorado taxpayers invest 437 million dollars into 17 mental health facilities every year. Mind Springs Health is under fire because public officials and residents told Colorado Sun reporters the agency failed to help people in a mental health crisis, and its leaders never publicly accounted for spending.

Mesa County Commissioners welcome the audit. Commissioner Rowland also says, “I think it’s good that the state is taking a look at this, I really do.”

Commissioner Rowland feels confident the audit will find no wrongdoing.

Commissioner Rowland added, “I’m not concerned that they’re going to find any type of fraud or anything like that would make them close their doors down.”

A spokesperson at Mind Springs Health sent me this statement: “Right now, any media interviews will detract our employees from the state’s review. Therefore, we are declining interviews at this time.”

As investigators move forward, any findings of fraud, waste and abuse, or violations of health and safety standards, or financial transparency will be made final in the review.

Mesa County Commissioners met with the three state agencies overseeing the audit. For more information, visit,