Montrose, Colo. (KREX) — “We are a climate mitigation and adaptation company,” said Christopher Caskey.

Christopher Caskey is the founder of Delta Brick and Climate Company, and their tile company Particular Tile.

Caskey and his workers make brick and handmade tile for building and decorating. But one thing sets them apart from other tile and brick makers.

They get their clay from the Paonia Reservoir. “We are taking sediment out of Paonia Reservoirs, that’s the local irrigation reservoir and its lost a lot of storage capacity to mud just settling out,” said Caskey, “and that mud happens to be high-quality clay.”

Caskey found out about the reservoir’s high-quality clay while working as a professor at the Colorado School of Mines.

When the Paonia Reservoir is low workers excavate mud from the bottom of it. Then the mud is taken back to Caskey’s factory in Montrose. From there it is broken up and mixed with water and sand. The dirt-like mixture is then compressed down into columns or ribbons of clay depending on if they are making tile or bricks. Once compressed down the columns and ribbons are cut into smaller pieces and set out to dry before cooking in the kiln.

But Caskey has more plans to take his company from a climate adaptation company to a climate mitigation company.

“Right now our energy source is electricity and gas off the grid but in the future, our heat source will be waste methane that’s leaking out of abandoned coal mines,” said Caskey.

Methane, a greenhouse gas, accounts for nearly 20% of global emissions according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA says human activities like coal mining done around Paonia helped double the amount of methane in our atmosphere over the past 200 years.

Even when coal mines are not active methane is still being released through the mine ventilation systems.

The state of Colorado and the Department of Local Affairs have taken an interest in Caskey’s work to help mitigate climate change and thus have helped his company by providing some of his equipment and helping him get the mud out of the reservoirs.