Timberleaf Trailers featured as finalist in CCTW awards

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Grand Junction, Colo. – Colorado has an annual ‘Companies to Watch’ awards program, and 5 of the finalists are from the Grand Valley. One of the finalists proves that hard work during the pandemic is worth the ride.

Timberleaf Trailers handcrafts its teardrop trailers with mostly local materials right here in Grand Junction. The unique and ‘retro’ teardrop shape is quietly taking the RV world by storm, something Timberleaf can attest to,

“We’re really excited by the growth, the more trailers we get out there the more trailers people are seeing and are going to become more popular,” says Timberleaf’s Cory St. Cyr.

It has seen over a 50-percent increase in sales every year since the start of the business, an almost-unheard of feat,

“Every Timberleaf trailer is hand built to order from the shop, but don’t wait too long to order yours – they are already on an 18 month backlog,” says KREX5’s Reilly Spence.

Since opening, Timberleaf has more than doubled its work space to accommodate more orders, and plans to double it again with a new work site soon.

If you’re asking yourself why a small trailer business is so popular, Timberleaf says the pandemic has everything to do with it,

“Our successes have definitely stemmed a lot from the pandemic, I feel a lot of people now, they really just want to get out of their house and they feel that a teardrop is a great way of doing it,” explains St. Cyr.

“They’re just trying to get away from all this craziness from the pandemic,” says Timberleaf’s founder, Kevin Molick.

“Pre-pandemic, really we were getting – we had an average of 20 or 30 jobs on the board at any given time, and we consistently stayed about there; and then all of the sudden the pandemic happens and now we’re talking 80 to 90 jobs on the board at a time,” continues St. Cyr.

The company has gained so much traction, people from across the nation are asking for their own custom trailers, including the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Thanks to companies like Timberleaf and all of the finalists on CCTW’s list, we are adding jobs, innovative products, and millions of dollars in revenue to Colorado’s economy.

If you would like to order your own custom teardrop trailer from Timberleaf, you can visit Teardrop Trailers Handcrafted by Timberleaf | Small Camping Trailers (timberleaftrailers.com).

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