Timothy Russman, man accused of participating in murder cover-up, not guilty on 6 out of 7 counts

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Timothy Russman has been found not guilty on six counts relating to the death of Kyle Free but was found guilty of tampering with physical evidence.

Both sides in the case against Timothy Russman rested Monday, and a jury decided the fate of the man accused of taking and burying the body of Kyle Free in a remote area of Mesa County.

Russman faced seven different charges, including accessory to the crime of murder, tampering with physical evidence, and abuse of a corpse.

Reporter Ivan Fisher was in the courtroom just before 9:30 Monday night when the verdict was announced.

He says the room was filled with families from both sides and both families and the defendant were in tears after the verdict was read.

Before the verdict, the prosecution started off by detailing a world filled with what they called “drugs, drunkenness, conspiracy, and murder”. They then went on to address the defense’s theory in this case, focusing on the idea that Timothy Russman only took and buried Kyle Free’s body because he feared for himself and his family’s lives.

There’s no evidence in this case to support the idea of a threat from John Eddy or David Casto beyond Russman’s own testimony about a conversation he had with Rebecca Walker.

Walker denies this threat.

The prosecution uses the idea that Rebecca Walker turned on everyone, testified in multiple trials, and has never claimed to have received threats from John Eddy or David Castro.

The defense argues Russman gave up the info because the people who could have harmed him were caught, and to give Kyle Frees family closure.

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