Tina Peters Responds to Controversial Election Integrity Tweet

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- On Wednesday, Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters made headlines for a tweet over the weekend that called out a Republican U.S. Senator for not objecting to the Electoral College results.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel broke a story Tuesday, further publicized by the Associated Press, highlighting a tweet from Peters where she attacked Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican from Pennsylvania.

Peters was responding to some of Toomey’s tweets where he was speaking out against other congressional republicans for saying they would object when Congress certified President-elect Joe Biden’s win on Jan. 6. The tweet can be viewed below on Peters’ personal twitter account. Peters alludes to the fact that it’s easy to commit fraud in an election and calls Toomey “dirty or ignorant.”

At first glance, Peters’ tweet suggest that her own election system she oversees could be fradulent and not reliable, but she says in an interview with KREX 5 she wasn’t casting doubts on Colorado’s election system in this statement.

“This was totally taken out of context. I’ve been getting many citizens contacting me saying ‘Is it possible, could this have happened?'” Peters said. “And I’ll answer them honestly which I’ll always speak the truth. And yes, that is possible. In the tabulation equipment it is possible to put a ballot through more than once. However in Colorado we have safeguards for that”

Some of those safeguards according to Peters include a team of bipartisan election judges that collect and monitor all ballots through the counting processes to ensure a fair count, as well as double checking throughout Election Day how many ballots were physically taken in and how many were counted in the system electronically.

Peters says this tweet was more so talking in context about the issues that could arise in states that quickly implemented vote by mail for this past presidential election. However there is no widespread evidence of voter fraud in any of these states. Peters says she firmly believes in the integrity of Colorado’s election system.

“I do apologize to the people in Mesa County for any uncertainty that (tweet) could’ve put in their minds about our Colorado and our Mesa County elections,” said Peters “We are solid in Colorado. So much so that other states are looking to emulate our processes”

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