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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Temperatures may be rising, but late at night we should still expect to have temperatures below freezing, and during the day, temperatures should be below average. Therefore, with the colder weather continuing for a little longer, the Grand Junction Utilities Department has suggestions to prevent frozen water pipes.

The dip in temperature mainly affects the water pipes in older homes as well as mobile homes, but still, everyone should be cautious as temperatures below 32 degrees can freeze the water in the pipes increasing the chance that they may burst.

The GJ Utilities Department suggests opening the cabinet doors below the sink. This will allow heat from the room to warm the pipes. They also suggest you disconnect your outdoor hose, close your windows, and turn on your indoor heat to at least a low level. In addition, most main water pipes are in the garage or crawl space of a home. Therefore, GJ Utilities Department suggests closing garage doors and installing heat tape to your pipes. And although Colorado is still in a drought, as a last resort, you can turn on your faucets to a drip. Plumbers say this is the most effective way to prevent waterlines from freezing. Moreover, you can place a bowl in the sink to catch the water and reuse it later.

So as winter approaches, if you happen to hear a crackling noise coming from your pipes, the GJ Utilities Department says to shut off the main water line. Randi Kim, the city’s utilities director, says, “the main line typically enters the house through the garage or the the crawl space. You’ll usually see a lever or a valve that shuts off that main line.” Thus, she says it is important to mark your shut off valve because turning it off right away can prevent costly damage.

The department also says to never use a torch to thaw the water pipes, and instead, you should allow the lines to thaw naturally.

Lastly, in case of an emergency, the water service department can shut off your street’s water valve.

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