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Town of Collbran Changes Name For The Week

COLLBRAN, Colo. - The Town of Collbran is changing their name to honor the historic events that took place centuries ago. 

During the week of September 1st to September 7th the Town of Collbran will be known as Santa Rosalia as apart of a proclamation that was signed by the town mayor recognizing early Spanish explorers' expedition. 

This is all started back in 1776 with the Dominguez-Escalante expedition, where the both traveled with several other men through Santa Fe to the west including what is now known as Western Colorado. 

The expedition crossed Plateau Creek Valley and camped west of what is now known as Collbran, Colorado. One of those camp sites was named Santa Rosalia thus dedicating the renaming of the town this week to the accomplishments of the explorers. 

In the proclamation, it says the explorers are an important part of the Plateau Creek Valley's history and the town's Board of Trustees recognizes their accomplishments. 

Along with the reading of the proclamation Sunday afternoon came a community gathering as well centennial families and a presentation on the Meeker Tree --a historical landmark of the town. 

This was the first event that was held in regards to the town's name change and organizers say they wish to make this an annual event. 

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