Driving through Colorado can make for a scenic trip but could also result in a fatal one.  
“Last year we saw a surge in traffic fatalities in Colorado but unfortunately that surge or that spike is continuing as we saw another 12% increase,” said Sam Cole, Colorado Department of Transportation’s Communication Manager. 
CDOT released their latest traffic fatalities report showing that there were 605 traffic deaths across the state in 2016.  The 605 fatalities is up from last years 547 and is up 24% from 2014.  
“One theory is that it might be because of really an epidemic of distracting driving in Colorado,” said Cole. 
According to CDOT, one in every 33 Colorado Drivers will be involved in some kind of crash this year and just about every fatal crash involves some sort of risky behavior element. 
“Driving impaired getting on the road while you’re drunk, or not putting on your seatbelt or not putting on your helmet,” said Cole.  
The biggest spike comes from motorcycle fatalities which set an all time record with 125 deadly accidents which is up from 105 in 2015. 
“Many of the motorcycle crashes we see are actually the fault of the motorcyclist, they run off the side of the road because they’re riding too fast or they’re riding too aggressively,” said Cole.  
While Colorado as a state is experiencing high numbers of traffic fatalities, Grand Junction accounted for seven fatal accidents, which was down from 14 in 2015.