Transit Union Requests UV Air Filtration to Kill Covid Instead of Open Windows on GVT Buses

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An Amalgamated Transit Union Health and Safety representative 1,900 miles away in Washington D.C. makes bus safety his business, and he takes it personally. Brian Sherlock says, “We’re close to having lost 90 members just in our union, and I’ve lost two friends in transit myself.”

The Grand Valley Transit team’s off for Labor Day, but the local Transit Union’s not. They’re still battling for better safety measures for their passengers and drivers, and today’s topic is a $50 air filter fix. “Your community has enough money that’s been given to solve these problems, get it done,” says Sherlock.

K2 taxi’s got it, the New York subway’s got it, but the local transit union wants it. They want UV filtration systems to better clean their buses. Sherlock says, “The UV can be extremely effective because we don’t have to worry about just Covid, which is a rather fragile virus.” Ultraviolet radiation can also kill tougher bugs on a budget like bacteria and spores. Brian says, “We probably need three to six of them per bus.”

GVT kills Covid before, and after bus routes with electrostatic fogging. Brian says, “It definitely does knock down the bugs, but it doesn’t take care of the problem once you get an infected person in the vehicle.”

The D.C. Union asks the question, what about during bus routes? They literally, want to clear the air better than some open windows. “They have no fresh air. They have no meaningful filtration, and you’re just locking yourself away with whoever’s in there shedding virus,” says Sherlock.

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