“Trash the Trash” Along the Trails

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PALISADE, Colo. – As the Palisade Plunge continues to make progress, officials are excited for what the path will bring to the community. The Plunge is expected to attract thousands of mountain bikers and hikers from across the country, and therefore, it is expected to be an economic engine for the local economy. However, there are some concerns.

According to Great Outdoors Colorado, there is a growing concern for trash on public lands and parks across the state. So as beautiful as Colorado is, the land is not as nice when people litter. So, the Colorado Tourism Office decided to tackling the trash head on, and is spearheading a new way to clean Colorado during a pandemic.

Barb Bowman from the Colorado Tourism Office says that although many people want to pick up the garbage they see, they are often worried if it’s safe to do so. And with that concern in mind, the tourism office is launching a new campaign called, “Trash the Trash,” which is teaching people the proper way to pick up garbage during this uncertain time.

Cathy Ritter, from the Colorado Tourism Office and the brains behind this idea, says that as long as you have a plastic bag, it is safe to pick up the park’s litter, and you do so the same way as you pick up dog waste.

Ritter also notes that many people have plastic bag piling up at home since grocery stores no longer allow reusable bags in stores due to COVID-19. Therefore, she suggests that you leave extra bags in your car or backpack, so when you are outdoors and see trash on the ground, you can safely throw it away later.

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