Trick or Treat, or Not: Halloween Will Look Different This Year

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What’s scarier than a spirit coming back from the grave to haunt you on Halloween night? How about no Halloween? Not if Tisa Thorne has a say. “Kids need to get out this year. It’s been way too stressful,” said Thorne. Ken Bixon is the owner of a local Grand Junction costume shop called, “Mad Margaret’s.” Ken says, “Halloween is always going to be Halloween, and people always look forward to it.”

Halloween started 2,000 years ago according to and your local costume shop that started as a used clothing store opened 1,975 years later. Ken says, “We’ve been here about 25 years doing costumes year round. The only store doing costumes between Denver and Salt Lake City year round.”

Trick or Treating hasn’t been canceled, and neither have the CDC guidelines to keep you, your ghouls, and your girls safe. Tisa says, “We haven’t really been able to celebrate anything this year. It’s all been harsh and bad. So, we figured this year Halloween would be a huge special holiday.”

The spookiest day of the year is a little more than 40 days away, and no, it’s not election day, it’s Halloween. Although, we’ve been wearing our masks since March, this year it’s a little different. Now, you have to ask for help with your mask. Ken says he’s crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s and following Covid precautions this year to keep you and your’s safe, and the merchandise too. “You won’t be able to put on 20 masks to see what you like. It’s hard on the masks, and it’s not safe for the public’s health.”

Following those guidelines also means you can’t try on wigs or costumes anywhere you go, but don’t be scared. Mesa County is in phase three of reopening which means Halloween might be different, but Covid can’t change a kid at heart.

When Tisa’s asked, what’s better trick or treat? Tisa says, “Oh, trick adults and give kids a treat!” When Ken’s asked what he’s going to be for Halloween? Ken says, “Tired! Ha ha ha!

For more information on Halloween guidelines for your county, click here.

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