A new billboard on Highway 50 in Grand Junction is turning heads.
On Monday, activists revealed their latest political statement in support of Donald Trump. In the unusual billboard depicting of the Republican presidential candidate, he’s traded in his designer suit for a coat of armor.
The billboard is called Donald the Dragon Slayer. It features the Trump dressed up as a white knight ready for combat. He is holding a sword, labeled the Constitution, and is facing off against a dragon with scales and wings symbolizing everything from federal government agencies to “libtards” to “RINOs” (Republicans Only in Name.)

“People are offended too easily these days and need to try to be more open minded,” said cartoonist behind the billboard Paul Snover.

Snover, with the financial backing of Arvid Mosmes, are known for their controversial political depiction of President Obama in a billboard put up in Grand Junction during the 2010 election season. The previous sign was criticized as racist, and portrayed the president as a Muslim, a homosexual and a Mexican bandito.

“The first amendment allows us to say such things and present such things, and I think we have been stifled many times and many ways with political correctness,” said Snover.
The Trump billboard is located in one of the most heavily trafficked areas in the city. In 2014, the Colorado Department of Transportation said more than 17,000 cars pass through the corridor every day.