Try an Alternate Mode of Holiday Travel this Thanksgiving

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Last year TSA screened more than 26 million passengers and more than 16 million checked bags during the Thanksgiving holiday breaking all previous records, but that was before the pandemic.

The greyhound is the fastest dog in the world and can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, but the Greyhound Bus runs at 75 miles per hour. Nathan Orr is traveling to the Denver International Airport on the Greyhound Bus. “So, this is the first time I’ve taken the bus, and I’m going to Denver,” said Orr.

During this holiday season why don’t you think outside the box, and inside the bus? Kurstin Wright is visiting her sister over 1,000 miles away, and she’s taking the bus. Krustin says, “I feel like a bus is safer for me. With the WiFi I’m able to keep in contact with family, and let them know where I am, and the plane; I’m terrified of heights. I can’t do it!”

She’s terrified to fly, but you don’t have to be terrified of Covid riding the bus because the 100 year old bus company has pandemic precautions put in place. Nathan says, “We have to wear masks on the bus, and I believe, they’re limiting the seats by rows. So, no seats next to each other.” Plus, Greyhound says they use ozonation which kills bacteria and viruses including the Novel Coronavirus. “Ozonation creates an extra layer of protection for our customers and team members,” says a Greyhound vice president of operations.

The Coronavirus can change the way we do things, but it can never change the way we do the holidays. “I’m headed to Tennessee to go see my sister, she’s having her baby New Year’s Eve, no Thanksgiving, no the day before Thanksgiving,” said Wright.

The bus trip is also cheap, it’s easy, and it gets you to where you need to go. Nathan says the bus is a lot cheaper than flying to Denver. “A third of the price,” said Orr. Kurstin agrees. “A ticket to Tennessee was only $55. If I went by plane it would have been $250.”

The Greyhound Bus also takes the scenic route. Nathan says, “You don’t have to be looking at the road the whole time. You can actually take in the scenery around you, and you can relax. You can just let the driver take you to where you’re going.”

For more information on Greyhound’s passenger policies and pricing, click here.

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