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Twins Dig Into Hispanic Roots Through Violin

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The holiday tunes keep on chiming and during a concert tonight, it was brought by students from all over Mesa County.

Samuel and Sebastian Urdaneta have spent the past three years at the MusicSpark program.

"Violin classes are expensive and the violins are expensive, so we took the opportunity we had," said Sebastian.

The program provides instruments and lessons for free and they're not just about music.

Executive Director of the program, Gisela Flanigan, said, "to also make community and build their leadership skills which is something we consciously work on everyday."

The twin brothers have the opportunity to dig into their Hispanic roots.

Sebastian said, "I kind [of] get more involved [because] usually we don't do songs in Spanish."

Flanigan added, "we try to accommodate it to the country where some of our kids are coming from, so that they feel identified and share where they come from."

The South American mom hope the boys obtain and appreciate what they're receiving from the program as she was not able to.

"We're from Venezuela and we didn't have the opportunity that many families have in this country," said Maria Bentacourt.

With all the hard work put in, she believes this will lead to something much bigger.

"I hope that one day they can be part of an orchestra or receive a scholarship from an institution."

Even though, there may be days one wants to quit, they boys strive to persevere.

"So if it's challenging it makes it fun," said Samuel.

They not only hope to do great, but encourage others to join them as well

"They can also want to be in MusicSparks, so they can learn how to play the violin."

The event was free of charge, but held a fundraiser to aid the program in continuing to help the students play.

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