Two assault bills to hit Senate Floor

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The Senate is seeing two bills involving domestic violence and sexual assault after the House passes both with enormous support.

House Bill 16-1260 wants to double the statute of limitations to report sexual assault from 10 years to 20.

House Bill 16-1066 takes aim at habitual domestic violence offenders, creating their fourth offense open to a class five felony charge, should the prosecute choose.

“”I had two Colorado Women who shared with me their story of being drugged and assaulted by Bill Cosby.” Rep. Rhonda Fields said, a Democrat representing Aurora.

She wrote a previous bill that was killed aiming to eliminate the statute completely. Fields said that bill would have been a stretch.

“The fact that we’re talking about it and we’re bringing these issues to light is a huge step,” local victims advocate, Melanie Morrison said.

The bulk of what HB 1066 looks to accomplish is creating a standard criteria for habitual domestic violence offenders.

“It actually makes families safer. Whether it’s children, or the spouse that’s being offended against, because I know both men and women who have been victims of domestic abuse.” Republican sponsor from Colorado Springs, Kit Roupe said.

But advocates worry that the requirements are too loose.

“It is too little. Four offenses, I think that they are minimizing the damage that even one assault can do to an individual.” said Morrision.

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