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President Biden is pledging a new mission to save lives by doubling the goal he set in December doling out more vaccine against the Coronavirus. During his first press conference of the year, President Biden states, “We will by my 100th day in office have administered 200 million shots.”

The shots are given to states based on population and Mesa County Public Health is giving as much as they receive. Dr. Jeff Kuhr with MCPH says, “We just reached our 50,000 vaccine. Now, that’s going to be first dose and second dose.”

The mission of two Mesa County commissioners is to lead by example on the importance of getting the free shot to protect your family, your friends, and yourself. Commissioner Cody Davis for District 1 says, “I want to set a good example. I want people to at least consider getting the vaccine.”

Commissioner Janet Rowland for District 3 says, “I’ve already had COVID and I tested positive for the antibodies, but I decided to get the vaccine to protect our vulnerable neighbors and to also let our businesses open up.”

2.5 million Americans are being vaccinated daily, and one third of adults have received at least their first dose, according to the Associated Press. Whether you’re scared of needles, scared of myths, or scared of being the guinea pig, two commissioners have come to the state mass vaccination site in Grand Junction with a message, and they’re not alone. Jimena Bello made the drive from Denver to get her first shot, and brought her parents to get theirs. Jimena says, “There are great laboratories like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson that are making this vaccine. So, don’t be afraid. They are great brands, worldwide known, and there won’t be any problem.”

The health department is asking individuals 50 and up, anyone with compromised immune systems, and anyone working with the public to sign up for the shot, but if you’re not in those groups the Dr. says sign up anyway. “I don’t want to discourage anyone from putting their name on that list because you’re going to get a call very soon from us,” said Kuhr.

In the land of the free and the home of the bravest we have the right to choose to get vaccinated, or not. “It’s a personal choice, but I think if someone’s comfortable getting immunized, I think they should do it,” said Rowland. Bello says, “You are losing more getting COVID-19 than being vaccinated.”

President Biden states in his first press conference, “We will defeat this pandemic, and to a nation waiting for action; let me be clearest on this point. Help is on the way. We can do this if we come together.”

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