The Downtown Development Agency has recently partnered with a development company, Re-generation Development, to give a couple downtown locations a much needed makeover.  A letter of intent was submitted to develop the old White Hall site located off of 6th and White Street, and the old R-F High School located off of Grant Street into housing units.
“Grand Junction actually has the lowest vacancy rate in Colorado, and there’s not a lot of new developments particularly of this sort of this design,” said Brandon Stam, the Executive Director of the Downtown Development Agency.
Grand Junction’s vacancy rate is 1.1% which is the lowest in Colorado, according to the website.  This development project will bring approximately 100 housing units to the two locations.  
“Having more housing within downtown also just helps create economic vitality for downtown,” said Stam.
The development plan is estimated to be completed in 3-5 years, and will include the building of apartments, town homes, and live work units.  The developer won’t be tearing down R-F High School to help keep the historical element intact.  
“I think there is a lot of excitement about seeing some activity in downtown I know we have new restaurants coming in here so I think people want to see some things happen,” said Stam.  
The prices for these housing units will be based off market rates when they are completed.