The Western Slope is turning into a center for technology, and two new companies are adding to that reputation. 

Two new tech start-ups are making the move to Grand Junction, and it’s all thanks to a helpful tax credit program. The “Rural Jump Start Program” helps move tech organizations to areas outside the Colorado tech hub, and it’s turning Mesa County into a technology powerhouse. 

The Grand Valley is known for its beautiful outdoors, friendly population, and now, its technology? Two new tech companies are making Grand Junction home, and it’s all thanks to an interesting program. The “Rural Jump Start Tax Credit” is a program that’s helping tech companies move out of the Front Range and into the Western Slope. Organizations like “Dude Solutions” and “Visual Globe”, who are the next to make the jump, can operate for 8 years tax free under the program. 

And part of the draw to Grand Junction includes CMU, where tech start-ups can hire talent and gain valuable resources. “Visual Globe” is hoping to turn Grand Junction into their showcase “smart city” using their 3D model and scanning technology. And all of these new additions to the Mesa County tech world can only improve the local economy, and turn the Western Slope into the second tech capital of Colorado.