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Two Wheel Awareness

After two recent fatal motorcycle accidents in Mesa County, those who ride motorcycles are warning other fellow riders and those being the wheel of a car of what to look out for to avoid future accidents.

Those with “In & Out Driving School" say to always check your mirrors, double check blind spots, avoid distracted driving, and always pay attention when behind the wheel of a car.  When riding a motorcycle avoid being in other drivers blind spots, stay in proper lane position, do the speed limit, and avoid making unexpected lane changes.

“Before you make a lane change look besides your car in the direction you’re going to move and make sure there isn’t a motorcycle or other vehicle there,” said Paul Turner, Co-Owner of In & Out Driving School.

“You really have to take the initiative to just assume that no body can see you and ride that way all the time, you’ll be a lot safer,” said Steve Jozefczyk, a motorcyclist.

More advice while riding is to wear high visible clothing and bike helmets which can help other drivers see you better from a distance.

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