U.S. Senate Candidate John Hickenlooper Visits Grand Junction to Discuss Issues Facing Colorado and The Nation

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John Hickenlooper spoke with firefighters at the wildfire command center at the Mesa County Fairgrounds in Grand Junction to get a grasp of the continued fight with the massive Pine Gulch Fire.

Hickenlooper says firefighters crucial jobs are made more difficult due to the white house’s COVID inaction back in January and February.

Hickenlooper says his experience facing natural disasters like floods and wildfires in Colorado when he was governor for eight years, and Denver mayor for eight years makes him the ideal candidate to represent the Centennial State in the senate, and tells KREX 5 the issues facing Colorado and the country. “This is the worst hard time, right? We’re in an economic recession for sure. We don’t know how bad it’s going to be. We gotta fight our way back. We’ve also got this drought, and these fires, and covid-19. This is a time we gotta unify this country, and I’m very frustrated President Trump seems determined to try and divide us.”

John Hickenlooper also touches on the one of the hot button issues facing the nation, mail-in voting. Hickenlooper says, “It saves six bucks per voter. When you’re talking about millions of voters, you’re talking about millions of dollars, and in the time of COVID it’s safe. So, why isn’t everyone embracing it? Cory Gardner won his seat in the senate in 2014 with mail-in balloting. It’s not biased between Republicans or Democrats. We should allow states all over the country to do mail-in balloting. It is the one way we know we can get people to vote, and be able to vote safely.”

Mail-in voting has been highly successful the last seven years in Colorado and Colorado has the second highest voter turnout in the country. Mesa County has been the first county in the state with election results the last two years in a row.

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