Unincorporated Garfield County Reduces Fire Restrictions to Stage 1 on Friday

Local News

GARFIELD COUNTY, Colo. — The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and the seven Fire Districts in Garfield County are returning to Stage 1 Fire Restrictions effective at 12:01 a.m. Friday, July 2, 2021. This applies to unincorporated Garfield County.

BLM and Forest Service Lands in Garfield County, as well as the City of Glenwood Springs, will remain at Stage 2 Fire Restrictions as previously implemented.

The recent rainfall has reduced the extreme fire danger we were experiencing when we moved to Stage 2 restrictions on June 25, 2021. Fire danger is still high and residents, as well as visitors to Garfield County, are required to adhere to the restrictions implemented under Stage 1.


  • Fireworks are not allowed under Stage I Fire Restrictions. Professional fireworks shows may be allowed through the permitting process.
  • All burn permits are postponed/canceled until further notice.
  • Campfires are only allowed within designated fire grates in Developed Areas (i.e. a permanent in-ground containment structure or store bought fire pit); temporary fire pans or rock campfire rings will not be acceptable.
  • No fires of any type, including charcoal in Undeveloped Areas.
  • No smoking except within a designated area, enclosed vehicle or building, a developed area or in an area free of combustibles.
  • No use of fireworks or explosive materials, including “exploding” targets or bullets and tracer rounds.
  • Exercise common sense and industry safety practice when welding or operation of an acetylene or other similar torch with open flame always cleared safe area of vegetation and combustibles.


Causing a fire during fire restrictions can be a class 6 felony and can be punishable by fines. Other possible charges include Fourth Degree Arson (M2) and Intentionally Setting a Wildfire (F3). You may be held financially responsible for damage caused.

Federal Lands

The use of fireworks, flares, or other incendiary devices, including exploding targets, are always prohibited on Federal lands.

By Definition:

A “Developed Area” is an area, whether within city limits or rural, that is groomed, manicured and or watered, where grasses, brush and trees are regularly attended to by landowner.  This includes residential and business areas, improved recreational areas, parks and other common areas.

Undeveloped Areas” are lands that are not groomed, manicured, or watered; where grasses, brush and trees have been allowed to grow in a natural environment. This includes green belts that are not landscaped or manicured, open space lands, non-manicured parklands, and other areas where the fire hazard presented by the vegetation is determined by the authority having jurisdiction or designee to be an undue wildland fire hazard. 

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