United States Veteran explains proper etiquette for the American flag

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – The American flag is a symbol of freedom and there are specific ways to properly care for and show respect to that symbol.

“You can’t fly it 24 hours but there should be a light on it,” Air Force Sergeant Lori Parrott informs, “Otherwise, you should lower the flag and put it away for the night.

Flags are raised at sunrise but, as the sun falls over the horizon, flags should also be put away.

“If they can’t do the perfect triangle which involves 13 folds of the flag, you can fold it up and store it, but it shouldn’t be on the floor or anything, it should be in a case,” Sergeant Parrott recommends.

One thing veterans stress is that the flag should be displayed in a respectful fashion, not as a fashion statement.

“The only time it should be worn as apparel is if it’s on your on a uniform,” Sergeant Parrott clarifies, “No clothing made out of a flag; no socks, no shoes, it’s really not a proper way to display it.”

Whether raised high or at half staff, the star-spangled banner is considered a proud part of American history.

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