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UPDATE: Montrose Sawdust Fire

MONTROSE, Colo - We have an update for you on the Montrose fire that started Monday night.

While the fire has been monitored for days, the fire that began from piles of sawdust isn't completely out yet as high winds and dry conditions have caused the smoldering to continue.

The fire department tells us that due to these high wind speeds they're refraining from interacting directly with the fire to keep it from spreading further.

The department also tells us that they're implementing a tactic with the sawdust to deter the fire by dousing the surrounding hot spots with water and they've brought in a conveyer belt from Olathe to accomplish this.

"The sawdust is wetted, scrubbed up past the conveyer belt, re-wetted and re-power [the conveyor belt] so we can make sure that sawdust is completely extinguished when it's powered", says Fire Chief Tad Lovan with the Montrose Fire Protection District.

No one has been injured in the blaze and firefighters advises avoiding the area due to high amounts of smoke.

We'll bring you more information on their progress as those details become available.

A fire swept through two businesses in an area of north Montrose Monday night.

According to the Montrose Fire Department, the call came in at 8:45 pm Monday evening. When fire crews arrived, they found a large fire at two businesses located in the 1900 block of N. Townsend Avenue.

The two businesses are S&S Recycling and Delta Timber.

The fire department says the fire was still burning Tuesday morning, but had been contained at around midnight. Firefighters remain on scene due to concerns that strong winds could reignite the blaze.

Damage was contained to several large sawdust piles, bails, box trailers and some outer buildings on the properties. No injuries have been reported.

(Video courtesy Montrose County Fire-Rescue)

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