GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KFQX) — Grand Junction resident and activist Anne Landman filed two ethics complaints against Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, now Landman is putting the community on high alert. “Tina Peters has violated the publics trust and its getting to be in more ways than we can count,” Landman says.

Multiple agencies have filed criminal investigations into Peters actions, one involving a Mesa County grand jury.

Now, Peters is accused of using her public office to operate a criminal defense fund for financial gain, “No funds can be solicited unless the individual is formally charged and Tina has not yet been formally charged,” Landman says.

In any criminal case or investigation, a grand jury is always an option and as the Boulder District Attorney tells FOX 4, there are some advantages to presenting a case to a grand jury.

Number one, grand jurors can call on witnesses to testify, “The grand jury can choose to issue subpoena’s to call witnesses to testify before the grand jury,” Michael Dougherty, Boulder District Attorney says.

Number two, witnesses are then subject to testify under oath, number three, all findings are done in secrecy and number four, a grand jury is an opportunity for the community to conduct a check on the government, “And the grand jurors are community members, chosen from our own communities at random to come and listen to the evidence and make sure the right result is reached,” Dougherty says.

There is currently no timeline as to when the grand jurors will have their decision –meantime, Peters ex husband, Thomas Peters, slapped the clerk with another lawsuit after she initiated a quick claim deed and transferred her ex husband’s home to herself.

Clerk Peters is scheduled for a preliminary hearing against her ex-husband, thomas peters in late february./

his suit is asking the court to order the full return of his property./

until then, all investigations continue, and only time will tell *which charges, if any, peters will face in the end