Using Neuroplasticity to Help Paralyzed Individuals

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Many paralyzed people are often told that they may never be able to move their limbs again.  Thanks to a specific kind of training at Iron Mountain hot springs, one western Colorado man who was paralyzed is now doing things some never thought possible

“Oh it was terrifying, I thought I was going to die at first,” said Soren Lindholm, who is describing the accident that left him paralyzed.

“I was in a big mountain ski competition and i was doing a double drop off a cliff and landed on my butt on the 2nd cliff and ended up breaking my back,” said Lindholm.

Breaking his back paralyzed Soren from the waist down.

“During rehab they kind of tell you that after two years pretty much no more movement is going to come back and this is how much you’re going to have the rest of your life,” said Lindholm

Even with all that, it ultimately didn’t damage his fighting spirit.

“That’s kinda how I thought about things until I learned about this type of therapy,” said Lindholm.

“That’s what were trying to do is get the brain to create either new nerves or to wake up nerves that are not awake at the time,” said Lauryn Maloney-Gepfert, Executive Director of Healing Out Loud Institute, and Lindholm’s training instructor.


The process is called Neuroplastic functional training and works through giving commands to the smartest part of your body.

“Whatever the brain hears that you speak it hears it as a command,” said Maloney-Gepfert.

Along with that repetition, and the combination of heated water Maloney-Gepfert believes this is why Soren is seeing results.

“On land every movement movement that we do is working against gravity and in the water because gravity is displaced 90% they can move much more easily and get results much faster,” said Maloney-Gepfert.

“If you really want to and you put the time in you can get better and don’t listen to the doctors that say you’ll never walk again,” said Lindholm.

As the proof is in the water.

“Don’t give up because there are new things that are out there, cutting edge things that are happening and they are happening so that you can function.”

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