VA Medical Center Recruiting Caregivers to Help Care for Veterans

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — When veterans can no longer live alone, many of them move into nursing homes. But the VA Medical Center gives those veterans another option through their Medical Foster Home program. “The VA started medical foster homes in an effort to keep veterans in the community,” says Jesse Vazzano the Chief of Care Management and Social Work for Western Colorado VA Health Care System.

The MFH program allows veterans to live with their caregivers in the caregiver’s homes. The caregiver provides room and board and helps care for the veterans. “Being able to stay in the community can help a veteran maintain their functioning, keep their integration, and help with socialization that may be more limited if they’re in an institutional setting,” says Vazzano.

Representatives of the VA say the program is more affordable than the average nursing home and keeps veterans in an atmosphere that feels more like home. “We are seeing the cost of a medical foster home monthly being between two thousand and three thousand dollars, versus, in our community, the basic rate of a nursing home is typically around nine thousand,” says Kelly Hayungs, the Medical Foster Home Coordinator.

The VA is recruiting more people to become caregivers. No past experience in healthcare is necessary to become one.

If you’re interested in becoming a caregiver, or have any questions about the program, contact Kelly Hayungs, the Medical Foster Home Coordinator at

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