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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — The City of Grand Junction is kicking off a branding campaign to better represent the valley, and they’re looking for the community’s help.

The city is excited to get feedback from the community as they craft a new branding plan. The brand will support the valley as a destination for travel and tourism. This branding initiative will last for about six months as the city gathers community feedback.

The formal branding process will begin in early 2020, but two projects have already been launched.

One project is called ‘Ticket of Good Cheer’.

During the holiday season, the Grand Junction Police Department will randomly select about 350 cars with expired parking meters. Drivers of the selected cars will receive a heartwarming ticket.

So, on the ticket, instead of a fine being listed, they recieve a fine encouraging them to emai us at Visit Grand Junction and share what is unique and special about the destination. Part of this is us being aware that this is the holday season, and guests and residents are spending their time and money downtown.

Elizabeth Fogarty, Visit Grand Junction

The other up-and-running project allows you to give feedback by decorating Christmas ornaments. On the ornaments, residents and visitors are encouraged to write their favorite things about the valley.

The ornaments are being hung on trees in City Hall and the Grand Junction Visitor Center.

For more information on the Grand Junctions’ new branding process, CLICK HERE.

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