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Wakeboarding Without a Boat

FRUITA, Colo. - It’s like snowboarding, but on snow that has melted. 
“I like it a lot better than boat, it’s smoother in my opinion and it helps pull you up more,” said Shy Edic, a local wake boarder. 
The Imondi Wake Zone Cable Park has a new way to wake board for those who don’t have a boat. 
“There is so many people we talk to that want to get into wake boarding that have never had the opportunity because they don’t own a boat or they don’t know somebody that has a boat,” said Kodi Imondi, owner of Imondi Wake Zone. 
No boat, no problem as the cables can pull you across the water instead. 
“It works similar to a ski lift, off a pulley system, your rope will be attached to a carrier from the cable and when your rope attaches to the carrier it will pull you off the dock,” said Kodi Imondi. 
This whole set up is something that isn’t common in the state. 
“This is the first full sized cable park in the entire rocky mountain region the closest cable parks to us right now is either Sacramento to the west, or Kansas City to the east,” said Kodi Imondi.  
“This place is great for beginners anybody who has any desire to learn how to do water sports whether it be wake boarding, kneeboarding or water skiing, you can come out and learn in a day,” said Victor Imondi, owner of Imondi Wake Zone. 
Victor Imondi is also excited on what his place can do for the local economy. 
“We are going to bring in a lot of people, I think as we move forward and start doing large events we’re going to have large turnouts and people are going to need hotels and gas and food and all of that stuff it’s going to be a big benefit for the community,” said Victor Imondi. 
So while you may not be a pro like Shy just yet, she says don’t be bashful about getting on the water. 
“It’s really exciting because you can try new tricks if you want to,” said Edic. 
For more info on the park visit wakeboardcolorado.com

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